Our Vision

HigherU promotes lifelong learning, professional and career development by providing anytime, anywhere personalised  training to elevate teaching skills in an ever changing global society. 

Our Mission 

HigherU provides engaging, interactive and current lessons using a powerful Virtual Learning Environment. Partnering with international schools, organizations for accreditation and conferences, HigherU helps educators gain a competitive advantage in the global education space. 


Educators will obtain certification in basic and advanced internationally recognized Digital Literacy skills to further their knowledge of how to connect specific tools to a variety of subject and curriculum areas. These certifications will also strengthen career opportunities by preparing them for interviews with best practice approaches in schools worldwide. 

Enso Circle

The Enso Circles expresses our vision of providing teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to elevate creativity and innovativion in their teaching practice. It also expresses our belief that learning is a lifelong journey with no end point. 

HigherU Learning Cycle

Foundations -> Personal Growth Plan -> Pro Skills -> Showcase -> Recruit


Introduction Video