Learn the skills needed to teach and parent in a technology driven world

Are you struggling to integrate technology into your classroom? Are you feeling left behind? Do you feel the pressure to use technology but unsure where to get started? Can you effectively use technology to link pedagogy with practice?

Are you struggling to support your children in a world driven by technology? Are you worried about how to manage their use of devices and internet? Do you need guidance on raising your child in this new digital world? 

HigherU provides you with engaging, interactive lessons, to prepare you for teaching in today's digital world. Start with the basics you need to be successful in forward thinking skills. Set goals for growth and take those course which help you achieve your goals. Go deeper with our lessons designed to make you an expert at using technology to transform teaching and learning. Continue developing your professional portfolio by showcasing your achievements and work to prepare yourself for that next great job.

Whether your are a novice or a pro, we have the right lessons to cater to your goals and needs. Our lessons are designed and taught by educators who are leaders in Educational Technology.  We have years of experience working with students and teachers to help them use digital tools to enhance teaching and learning. 

Our Teacher Basic Use Skills (B.U.S.) lessons will provide you with the essential Educational Technology skills needed to be successful in the classroom or at your next job interview.

With our Professional Growth Plan (P.G.P.), you can set technology integration goals and take those courses designed to help you achieve these goals.

Our Pro Skills courses are designed and taught by leading educators to help you transform teaching and learning in your classroom. These courses are focused on specific curriculum areas that are catered to your specific needs.

As you continue your journey, you continue to expand your Showcase. Gain badges and certificates, share achievements outside of HigherU and upload lessons and exemplars to show how you are successfully using technology in the classroom. Use this to move forward in your current job and to recruit for new jobs when you are ready.