Book Creator is a powerful app to use with students. They can easily create interactive books which include images, video, text, handwriting and sound. These books can then be exported as a PDF file, ePUB (interactive book) or as a playable movie.



Book Creator can also be combined with other apps which students have access to to make their books even more powerful:

  • Students can use Pic Collage to create beautiful graphics which can be saved to the camera roll and imported into Book Creator. 
  • They can create beautiful presentations in Keynote or Pages which include tables, charts and graphs, etc and then save the book to the camera roll to add to Book Creator. 
  • Students can create explainer videos using apps like Tellagami or Explain Everything and save it as a video file to the Camera Roll to add into a book in Book Creator. 
  • Students could create mind maps using Popplet and save this to the Camera Roll to add to Book Creator. 
  • Students could create polished movies in iMovie which can include images, narration, music, sound effects, different speed, etc and then share this to Book Creator. 
  • Use a Stop Motion app like Lego Movie Maker to create stop motion videos for your book. 


There are may ideas of how you could combine other apps with Book Creator to add beautiful content to your books. This site has some videos and other information with some great ideas as well. Also, take a look at the Book Creator Channel on Youtube to get more ideas of using Book Creator in the Classroom

The real power of using Book creator is the ability for you to share books so that students can read each other's books. If students are on the same account, simply open books in iBooks and create a Collection with all the books organized together. If students are using different accounts, have students upload their books to a Shared folder in Google Drive. They can tap on each book and choose to Open in iBooks on their iPad. They can create a collection to keep the books organized. This is a great way for students to build audience and to learn from each other. You could share with other classes or even across campuses to get great collections of students created projects and stories. 


Have your students created some their own unique books using Book Creator? Please share some examples of their work.